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We tell the stories you want heard

to the people you want to hear them.

About Us
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What we do

We tell stories through a customized, strategic production process which meets your needs.

Brand Films



Social Media Content

Event Coverage


Music Videos


Editing Services

Motion Graphics

Every project is unique.

Our full-service workflow takes the project from concept to completion no matter your location or size; we work with you to create a custom strategy that directly addresses your needs and achieves your goals.

Brand discovery, strategic planning, pre-production, on-location filming, editing, motion graphics, colour correction...all the parts you'll need for high-quality videos which get results.

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What can videos do for you?

Build Connection

Increase Credibility

Build Trust

Create Experiences

Save Time

Create Awareness

Increase Engagement

Build Relationships

Drive Sales

Increase Retention

Storytelling connects you to your audience for a lifetime.

Emotions are powerful, and video that leverages storytelling to evoke clear, powerful messages to your audiences is the best way to create a lasting connection between you and your desired audience.

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How we deliver a full-service production.


We start with a deep dive into who you are. We learn and converse about you, your system, unique goals, and audience.



Now we execute the strategy and capture the footage however and wherever your story needs to be told.



Next, we design a creative strategy. When a direction is confirmed, we write a full creative brief - often including scripts and storyboards.



Now, Post - everything from editing to VFX, sound design and mixing, colour grading, motion graphics, and music.



Here's where we produce, prep the cameras and gear, scout and book locations, secure performers, crew, and props.



Finally, we deliver the final materials and work together to execute the distribution so the right people watch your videos.


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Straight from the source.

Mackenzie Shaw Owner, Inclusively Home

"Frost Films was amazing to work with. We had three videos created to showcase our rental properties. The owner, Adam, was very personable and listened to our ideas carefully to understand the feeling we wanted to give our viewers when watching the videos. He was very transparent with the timeline, as well as the results he was going to deliver, and offered helpful, creative suggestions throughout the entire process to ensure the product was exactly how we wanted. The final results were stunning, we will be using Frost Films again in the future and we would be happy to recommend them to anyone considering using their services."

Dave Trepanier - Executive Director, Prince George Activator Society

"As a non-profit organization, I had been looking for ways to tell a story of 'what we do' to both a general audience and a specific group that we work with and contract with. I had tried numerous ways of doing this that were ineffective and finally woke up and realized a marketing video would be the best option. I was put in touch with Adam Harasimiuk from Frost Films and the end result of his work with my organization is amazing! From our very first contact, Adam was a strong listener who was interested in making a product that would work for US and not what he wanted to make. He listened to my concerns and anxiety about making the video as well as sensitive issues around security and privacy within the work we do and how that would need to be reflected in the final product. He was very clear about costs and his needs for his team before we ever started, which made things very cohesive. The actual production or 'shoot' was very time efficient and professional. The steps between shooting and final edit were seamless and his process was helpful and clear in getting us to a final edition.


I am very, very happy with the final product. The quality is amazing, the actual product is relevant and focused on what I needed for our organization and his follow up after the product has been helpful and consistent. I highly recommend Frost Films for your company or organization."

Adrian Fitzpatrick - Founder, Project Vancity

"I have had the pleasure of working with Adam and Frost Films on several occasions, and they never disappoint. Their professionalism, thought process, ideas, and just overall personality makes for a delightful process from start to finish. I highly recommend them for any video idea, as they are incredibly versatile and can adapt to any situation — I look forward to working with them more in the future."


A Studio for Storytelling. 

Frost Films is a full-service production studio providing corporations, businesses, organizations, and individuals with high-quality video solutions for projects across North America. Based out of Prince George, British Columbia.

From concept to completion, we use the power of strategic storytelling to create value-driven videos that connect you to your intended audience and achieve the results that you want.

From large to small and no matter your location, we strive to develop and support videos of all productions sizes and needs.

Discovery. Creative. Pre-production. Production. Post-Production. Delivery.
We do it all.

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